Virtual Community

Our founder Sr. Mary Elizabeth used to say, “A community is not so much a group of people living together to love Christ as it is a group of people loving Christ together.”

Being together physically to form a community is not always possible. Distance can keep people apart, not to mention their commitments and circumstances.

Now, thanks to the Internet, there is a new online community called the Companions of Jesus of Nazareth. It hopes to fill a need for those who desire a community in order to “love Christ together.”

This community is open to people from all walks of life – men and women, married, single, lay, ordained, and a variety of faith traditions. What unites them is a desire to become more like Jesus through an understanding of the spirituality of Charles de Foucauld, who is an inspiration for the ministry of the Joseph House.

The Companions of Jesus of Nazareth is under the leadership of Rev. Leonard Tighe, an authority on the life of Br. Charles and a long-time friend of the Little Sisters.

The website has more information. Check it out – this may be something you’ve been looking for:

Fr. Lennie is second from the right. Sr. Marilyn is on his left and Sr. Mary Joseph is on his right. This photo was taken at a meeting of Br. Charles fraternities.

It is ironic that in our age of instant electronic communication many people feel isolated. The Companions of Jesus of Nazareth is using that technology to bring people together.

Members of the community continue to live their own “Nazareth,” the particular place where God has planted them. The mutual support provided by the community helps them to follow Christ in the footsteps of Br. Charles.

A sense of belonging is invaluable to our spiritual growth.

The graphic at the top of the page is a colorized image of the Sacred Heart drawn by Br. Charles for his chapel in Algeria.

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