Other Ministries

Representative Payee

A representative payee helps people manage their money. This program matches volunteers skilled in budgeting with people who are unstable financially due to their limited knowledge or abilities.

The client’s income is deposited into his or her personal checking account in the Little Sisters’ name. The volunteer payee uses these checks to pay the client’s bills. The Little Sisters sign every check and receive the bank statements.

Payees visit their clients often to ensure their well-being. In most cases, payees assume the role of advocate for their clients, interacting with businesses, doctors, etc. on their behalf. This program helps to keep people from falling into crisis situations.

Good Neighbor

Good Neighbor volunteers help people who are homebound with bathing, household tasks, and errands.

Village of Hope

The Village of Hope provides shelter and life training for homeless women and their children. It is located at 1001 Lake Street in Salisbury, Maryland.

The original name of this transitional housing facility was Joseph House Village. It was established by the Little Sisters of Jesus and Mary in 1991. The Village was incorporated separately from the Joseph House in 2000 and renamed the Village of Hope.

The funding and operation of the Village are independent of the Joseph House, although the Little Sisters remain on the Board of Directors.

For more information, please call the Village of Hope at 410-860-5981 or visit the website: http://www.villageofhope.us

The Village of Hope in Salisbury, Maryland.